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November 10, 2023


Date: Nov 13, 2022
Time: 6:00am
Location: Hollywood Casino
777 Hollywood Blvd.
Joliet, IL 60436

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The goal of this event is as follows:

1.To bring a much needed toy to a very deserving boy or girl.
2. To further enhance the image of the towing industry.
3. To Break the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest tow truck parade.



2019 Parade Results (November 9, 2019)

Total Trucks: 274

Worldwide Equipment Sales Tow Truck Olympics
Men and Women Contestants had to run a agility course for the fastest time.

  1. Unlock a door using a Big Easy
  2. Put a strap and ratchet around a wheel
  3. Put a set of wired tag lights on a car
  4. Sweep up and put debris into a bucket
  5. Cross finish line
  1. Gold - Danielle Dubois – After Hours Towing
  2. Silver - Angela Navarro – Suburban Towingy
  3. Bronze - Lisa Rothermel – Suburban Towing
Time: 1 Min 21 Sec and 92/100
Time: 1 Min 28 Sec and 77/100
Time: 1 Min 42 Sec and 30/100
  1. Gold - Ernie Matijevic – Redmons Towing
  2. Silver - Darius Kosmala – Delta Towing
  3. Bronze - Richard Cerda – Silva Towing
Time: 1 Min 1 Sec and 7/100
Time: 1 Min 4 Sec and 78/100
Time: 1 Min 9 Sec and 46/100

Weather: 31 to 45 Degrees and Cloudy

Line Up Started at 5am

Parade Ended at 1pm

Parade Route: Start at Hollywood Casino Joliet, IL Went West on Route 6 to I55 North to Harlem Ave South to SeatGeek Stadium (Toyota Park)

Police Agencies That Helped: Illinois State Police, Rockdale Police, Joliet Police, Channon Police, Chicago Police, Oaklawn Police, and Bridgeview Police.

Pledge Of Allegiance Lead by: Hal Wyatt from Jerrdan who is also a Veteran
Patrick Winer Welcomed Everyone and Spoke About the Guinness Book Of World Record Holder Fier D’etre Depanneur (French Towing Association)

Jim Bresnahan Spoke About the Towers We Lost Over The Past Year: Tony Bresnahan, Wess Gass, Ted Kochel, James Policandriotes (Polley) and Micky Wilcox. Jim also Lead The Drivers Meeting.

Guinness Book Of World Records Judges

Mayor Sam Wyke

Trustee Mike Barnes

Trustee Eugene Lawrence

Trustee Matt Cooling

Parade Leader: Dicks Towing of Joliet, IL in Memory of Micky Wilcox

Driver of The Tow Trucks For Tots Semi Trailer: AutoMedics Inc

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P.O. Box 553 Mokena, IL 60448